September 2017

Simplify your sales process with pertinent and efficient tools

The role of marketing is to simplify sales by building a strong brand, generating leads and providing the right sales tools. In most B2B contexts the sales process involves a personal connection. The sales representative works directly with the prospect and guides him through the decision process.

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May 2017

What is Content Marketing and how does it work?

Traditionally marketers were pushing messages to potential customers. The messages were not specifically targeted with billboards, TV ads, mass mailing and cold calling. It was rather about interrupting and asking for people’s attention. But frankly, most people don’t like being interrupted.

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February 2017

Manage your portfolio for long-term profitability

To achieve long-term profitability the product and service portfolio needs to be carefully managed. This is the responsibility of the Product Managers and the Portfolio Mangers who oversee the product throughout its life cycle. This includes: new product development, introduction, growth, maturity and decline. In each phase the revenue can be expected to change and marketing activities have to be adapted accordingly. It is the Product Manager’s responsibility to manage the product business case over its life.

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november 2016

Market insights for winning strategies and products

Market insights for winning strategies and products Seminar

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November 2016

Market insights to gain competitive advantage

A key marketing activity is to be on top of market and customer insights. There are many sources and ways of getting the right information and many aspects to consider in order to provide a complete picture.
Why spending time analyzing the market and customer needs? Because it will help you to build a market relevant strategy and to initiate development of customer relevant products and services. This is absolutely essential for the survival of your business!

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 August 2016

Are you communicating with convincing business benefits ?

Many of us have a tendency to speak in our own language and jargon about our offering. Hence, we are talking about technical features without explaining what it really means to the customer. Instead the value and how it solves the customers' issues needs to be described.

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Market Your Innovation Seminar

Market Your Innovation Seminar

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May 2016

Value Proposition Design and so what…?

Designing your value proposition is the base for developing new or improved products and services. Before tackling new value proposition design it is essential to have customer insights, a good understanding of problems on the market as well as current trends and innovations. The key focus while completing your value proposition is to focus on customer needs!

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February 2016

Solution Marketing - Communicating Value to Target Segments

With the ongoing shift of selling complete “solutions” to customer problems rather than pushing standard “products”, Marketing shall support sales of complex solutions.

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december 2015

Solution Marketing

Solution Marketing - Driving Higher Margins Seminar

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November 2015

The Role of Marketing in B2B

“Marketing”… Quite a vast concept, isn’t it? So what is its role, really? In many companies, it isn’t all that clear. Marketing goes hand in hand with Communications and Sales.

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